Becoming an ACTOR

The Olde Erisian Tradition known as Operation Mindfuck has long stood to rustle the jimmies of Greyface and his goons, as well as to turn unenlightened individuals on to the truth-falsity-meaninglessness of Her Benevolencey, as well as advocate for heady ideas, such as the PERMANENT UNIVERSAL RENT STRIKE, and MAKING CONSPIRACY NUTS SEE JUST HOW FAR THEY HAVE UNDERESTIMATED THE POWERS THAT BE.

If this sounds like a hearty time to you, then do heartily consider finding a copy of the Principia Discordia (online copy helpfully provided on homepage, you're very welcome) for some preliminary information, and buying (or "collecting," the Discordian Society does not discriminate based on income level) a roll of stamps, a pack of envelopes, using your local library to print pages of Pope Cards and YOUR OWN PERSONAL ZEN-WISDOM, and mail them to any address you please in the White or Yellow Pages for your area (or an area far away, the Discordian Society does not discriminate based on rurality).

If you find yourself a tad more mischievious type, then you may be interested in joining one of the AOAED's very own Operation Mindfuck Cabals, the Deep-State Cabal headed by Chairman Chao Tse-Tung, K.E.C., or the Golden Pizza Cabal headed by Dr. Rev. Donahue Fenderson, K.E.C. The Deep-State Cabal (document header featured at top of page) is a Mindfuck cabal dedicated to agitating and leading on the right-wing conspiracy theorists of America into believing that they have already lost, and that their only hope is to join the Deep-State as an agent of the New World Order. The Golden Pizza Cabal is dedicated to turning on the Eristic Avatars within each and every soul residing in the Regions of Thud by philisophistic circular-reasoning, one-sided Socratic arguments, and general wearing-down of inhibitions towards Chaos, lest they be redistributed as Precious Mao Buttons for Five days and Five nights.



Anyone interested in joining either Cabal, or in the organization of Jakes and Abnormail Networks, or wanting to speak with the elusive TRIBUNAL, should send a letter to


P.O. Box 215

Marshall, NC 28753


Shoot an email off to