1. Once up in a certain sector of spacetime, it was early in the Season of Chaos, and the weather reflected thusly.

2. Snow blanketed the Rooftops and Driveways of Thuddite and Erisian alike, and so it was that the Season of Chaos reared its head.

3. And so it was in these conditions that a Strapping Young Discordian Lad had driven to return his Lover to her home.

4. He had made it there well, and had sent his lover off with two hugs and three kisses, and all had seemed well.

5. He shifted the Gearbox-Spirit into its' Revsersal State, and began to re-live his positions in space.

6. The car moved back, and then it began to make an unexpected movement: a slide off to the right, wherein was the spacial position of a DITCH!

7. At this development, the Lad's mind churned as he envisioned all possible futures laid out for him.

8. He could see with great clarity the scorn with which his lovers' parents might face him with, should they find him stuck in their driveway, requiring their assistance.

9. And moreover, he understood with great accuracy those disappointments and words of jovial piss-taking which his name may endure behind closed doors.

10. And although he could see the broiling froth of Discord in that pot, recognizing it with a quick "Hail Eris!", it came to pass that he did not wish to open that Can of Worms posthaste.

11. Suddenly, the VOICE OF ERIS spoke to him clearly through his radio, asking, "WHY DOES THOU REJECT THAT SACRED CAN OF WORMS WHICH BEGAT CHAOS?"

12. The Lad, having returned to his original spacial position and attempting to leave again, reasoned, "Because! It makes things harder!"

13. He once again began to slide, when the voice of ERIS rang out, "THEN HAVE THE CHAOS MAKE IT EASIER, YOU FOOL."

14. Beginning to leave again, he reasoned more, "would the destinatorial CHAOS of leaving not be stronger than being stuck? After all, it would make the insanity of trying again and again for a different result quite justified! HAIL ERIS!"

15. His car then continued on it's originally-expected path, clearing the Driveway and entering the road, to which his radio responded with only silence.